Jared - Summer Heat Box Set Book Cover Jared - Summer Heat Box Set
The Justice Brothers
Taylor Lee
Romantic Suspense

Excerpt 1:
Hailey Michels snagged a gasping breath, praying the sharp intake wasn’t audible. It was bad enough that her heart was a staccato drumstick beating against a tightly strung snare drum. Surely he could hear it; but the tall shadowy figure standing less than twenty yards in front of her didn’t look her way. She could only hope the misty hangover from the pelting rain that had drenched her and the woods around them gave her cover. Hailey cautiously leaned back against the towering Norway pine. Grateful for the huge trunk that was nearly as wide as she was, Hailey dug her boot heels into the wet ground, praying for purchase on the slippery leaf-strewn path.

It took her a full second that felt like a lifetime to come to grips with the fact that the man less than half a basketball court length away was one of the bangers they were chasing. Hailey knew that if she had the sense of a mindless mosquito facing a can of Raid she would be terrified--but her racing heart, spitless dry mouth, and blood rushing in her ears spoke to exhilaration not fear. Not even the badass tats decorating what she could see of the gangbanger’s corded neck above the collar of his leather jacket sounded a warning bell. Heck no. Her excitement flared realizing that she, Officer H. C. Michels, a rookie cop on her first honest-to-God mission, had a chance to bring down a member of the feared Dragon’s Curse gang. Inching her hand behind herself, Hailey reached for the 9mm Glock tucked in her back holster. Cautiously drawing the weapon, she silently racked the slide, grasped the leather grip with both hands, and pointed it at the hardened criminal in front of her.