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March Madness Indie Book Blowout – Friday, March 8th

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If you like romantic suspense then be sure to take advantage of these 3 books participating in the Indie Book Blowout for only 99 cents:

The Bad Ass Brigade by Taylor Lee

The Bad Ass Brigade

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The Bad Ass Brigade: Bad Guys Beware, The Good Guys Are On the Prowl

 Cops, Firefighters, Special Ops and Undercover Agents. HOT Guys and HOTTER Gals kicking up a storm!

Trial by Fire by Taylor Lee

Trial with Fire-TaylorLee

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From the All Fired Up series, Trial By Fire 
is a sizzling romance about a tough cop who flaunts every regulation finds himself the # 1 suspect in a violent murder!


Race for Redemption by Taylor Lee

Race for Redemption

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Politics, Sex and Violence: Race for Redemption is an erotic thrill ride – a tension filled love story of two fierce warriors accustomed to winning.