Red Rock’s Redemption

Book 3 in Taylor Lee’s Red Rock Series,
Red Rock’s Sexy Romantic Suspense Collection
AND the series BONUS Finale…

Red Rock Rules,

Are LIVE!!

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“Red Rock’s Redemption”: Book 3
Jesse captures her biggest client ever–the dashing and powerful financial superstar, Dirk Renault who is accustomed to taking whatever interests him at the moment. Unfortunately for them both, Renault decides he wants Jesse.  Murder on Jesse’s watch puts more than the victim at risk.  It threatens Jesse and Dameon’s relationship almost to the breaking point.  

“Red Rock Rules”: BONUS Short Story Finale
Dameon pledged that Jesse’s commanding officer, the despicable man who assaulted her and was responsible for her having to leave the army was a dead man walking. Know that you can take Dameon aka Wolf at his word. Finally freed from the ugliness of the past Dameon takes on his biggest challenge yet: Convincing Jesse to marry him.  

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