What is the ONE thing you can do that is guaranteed to make you more creative, more confident, increase your brain power, make better decisions and feel good?


Stress Worry Woman with Text on WhiteNo, the answer isn’t ‘have more sex’.  Although that helps too.  NO, the answer is to get more sleep.  Sleep deprivation affects our mood, our ability to focus, our very well-being. Researchers agree that only 30 % of people get enough sleep.  A study in Science magazine said that for the sleep deprived,  an extra hour or two of sleep each night can do more for feeling happy than a $60,000 raise.  Professional athletes, scientists, writers, creative people of all types, are finding that an extra hour– or better yet, two, can have a profound difference on their quality of life. One researcher insists that cheating your body out of the R&R it needs can make you more prone to illness, stress, traffic accidents, and weight gain. He asserts that sleeping will actually do more to take off weight than exercise!”   So resolve to purge yourself of your “sleep macho” habits and give your body the care and attention it deserves.  Start with more sleep.  Experts are proving that getting enough sleep is the single best way to improve your life.  Go for it!!


P.S, I am/was a committed sleep macho.  I’m slowly but surely increasing the amount of sleep I get and yes, it is making a difference.  How about you?  Do you get all the sleep you need?  If not, why not?  Let me know!  Maybe together we can help each other.


P.P.S.  Arianna Huffington’s new book Thrive has tons of excellent advice.  I’m hooked on it and highly recommend it!