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Who says size doesn’t matter?

When it comes to finding the time to read great books, “SHORT” can be a blessing. In October, our sister operation, Free ParTay, ran a special promotion featuring short stories.  We called the promotion “Lunch Time Reads”.  It was so successful, the next step was obvious.  Why not build a website dedicated to short stories, novellas and collections of shorts?

Voilà!  That was the birth of our new website Lunch Time Reads.

None other than my very busy daughter who doesn’t always have the time to read my full length  novels, was THRILLED to get my short story “Nights in White Satin.” Her excitement warranted a special phone call telling me how grateful she and some of her ASU friends were to have a great story that they could literally read on their lunch hour.

If you love Romantic Suspense or Mystery Thrillers or anything in between, come and sample our “shorts”.  All single titles are priced at the bargain rate of 99cents.  Maybe you’ve never read ‘paranormal romance’, or ‘horror’ wasn’t your first choice. A short story is a great way to sample a new genre and for less than a buck?  How can you go wrong?

Go to and sign up today for our newsletter. It’s a great way to stay connected and to hear all about the new shorts we are featuring. Come back often to to sample “bite-sized “reads. Who knows, we may become the latest diet craze.  Hard to overeat when you are chomping down a great story that’s way more filling than any “big mac”.  Feed your mind and your need for great books.  Lunch Time Reads is the place to be.