Happy Spring and a Happy Mother’s Day to all my special readers!


During our annual Mother’s Day race, one of my daughters caught me up short when she said, “Mom, you are one of the world’s greatest givers, but you’re not so hot at receiving.”  While we both laughed at her observation, I was struck by how true it was.  Not only for me but for many of the women I know.  We are wonderful gracious givers of our time, energy, and love, but aren’t always open to receiving all those good things. I think that’s because at base, we don’t think we deserve them.  I have a new mantra that I want to share with you. If it strikes a chord, feel free to borrow it or make it fit for you. Just repeat it every time that obnoxious voice inside your head starts telling you all the things you need to do, or be, and are not!  

“I joyfully and gratefully receive and deserve all the glorious people and things that come into my life easily and continuously.”

On the reading/ writing front…

 I’m hard at work on Ruby, the second book in the Ladies of the Night Series.  I hope you all are enjoying Sapphire.  I promise you, Ruby, the red-headed firecracker will not disappoint.  And as for Agent Noah Walker, be prepared to drool! You can pre-order Ruby now on following retailers: Amazon  //  iBooks  //  Barnes & Noble  //  Kobo 

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But wait… there’s more!

I’ve joined with a group of talented best-selling authors to create what we are calling Book Bites.  A fun compilation of First Chapters to stoke your reading desires.  Be sure to check them out. It truly is a steal!  

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Finally a heartfelt thank you to all of you who were gracious enough to write a review for  Sapphire. Please know that your reviews mean the world to me!

AND now… drumroll ….here is the list of the Lucky Gift Card winners who entered the Sapphire Review Lottery.  I love you guys!


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Warmest wishes,

– Taylor